HPL Compact Interior is made from natural fibre panels – around 65% by weight – consisting largely of wood that has been processed into “kraft papers”. this wood is a by-product of sawn lumber production or of sawmills. We source these raw materials from vendors certified accroding to the standards FSCĀ® or PEFC. These standards ensure that the wood is produced in compliance with internationally applicable rules for sustainable forestry.

The kraft papers are impregnated with synthetic resins in impregnation facilities, dried, and pressed inti durable, moisture-resistant panels under pressure and heat. These panels do not contain organic halogen (or chlorine, flurine, brome, etc.) compounds such as are found in greenhouse gases or PVC. They contain neither asbestos nor wood protection agents (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) and are free of sulphur, mercury and cadmium.

Rhe exhaust air removed from the drying process is treated using a process of regenerative thermal oxidation, with the resulting heat being fed back into said drying process. For its installation of this efficient exhaust air tratment, FunderMax was awarded the ‘Klima:aktiv” award for best practies by the Austrian Enegry Agency and the Austrian Federal Federal Ministry of the Enviroment. This avoids CO2 emission of ca. 10,000 tons annually at the production site.