• HPL waterproof anti-UV compact
  • Category:-COMPACT
  • Size:1220X2440, 1300×2800,
  • Color :- Depends customer requirement
  • Thickness:- 1.5mm -25mm
  • Surface: SF, Matt, Glossy, textured
  • Product Manual:hpl,high pressure laminate ,compact HPL,laminate panel,compact board,compact laminate, 100% phenolic compact.
  • BASIC INFO UV-resistant HPL decorative panels
  • its excellent mechanical properties make it particularly suitable for the building industry where it offers an ideal alternative to traditional material such as stones, wood, glass etc.it has been used for outdoor public facilities such as outdoor enclosures, signs, benches, stairways, balcony, ventilated facades etc.it can also be used for outdoor furniture with perfect weather resistance and unique decoration. Color recommendation The HPL panel applied in

1.Outdoor wall decoration, 2.Outdoor furniture, 3.Outdoor enclosure, 4.Signs, 5.Benches,
6.Stairways, 7.Balcony, 8.Ventilated facades

It has the excellent characteristics of the high pressure laminate that is…

1.wear resistant , 2.compression resistant , 3.heat resistant , 4.acid and alkali resistant , 5.burning smoking resistant , 6.bacteria resistant , 7.mould resistant , 8.water proof, 9.Fire-proof, 10.easy to clear.

Press machine OF HPL inspection:
Laminate out of the machine—inspect the sheets thickness-Qualified :-transfer to the next production process.
Disqualification : transfer into the disqualification area , waiting to be processed.

Pre-delivery Inspection:
The laminate transfer into the semi-finished products warehouse after cutting rough edge—inspect the
appearance, size and thickness—Qualified: transfer into the finished products warehouse, wait for packing.
Disqualification : transfer into the disqualification area , waiting to be processed.

HPL Exterior Wall Cladding Panel

Product Details:

Usage/Application Toilet Partition,Wall Cladding, Building, Shop, mall, Restaurant
Material Wooden
Thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
Features Heat resistant, durable, resistance to staining
Shape Rectangular
Size 2440 x 1220 mm
  • Ultraviolet Resistance
  • Resistant against acid rains, air pollution
  • Resistance to weathering atmospheric conditions
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Resistant  Heavy Impacts
  • Optimal Light-Fastness